segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2017

Me, Myself and My Selfie

I divulge my happiness in images, it should be pleasant, perhaps?
I'm so vain, I'm going to post my happiness that so much pleases me by my apps.
My photos, my videos, my self-esteem.
Narcissus would be envious of me (and why do I do that?). It seems like I live in a dream.

I try to understand why I am entertained with my own image,
But I do not get an answer that satisfies, not at this stage.
And satisfaction is what I desire, quick and immediate. I, for myself;
For a moment, a flash that viralizes. My Selfie.

The beaches I went to, the world I met, I want you to enjoy with attention,
You may be envious. Cursed is Mun' Ra who can not stand to see his reflection,
Imagine how painful it must be for a vampire not to see himself in the mirror.
He would have to live on selfies. Maybe we're a bit of a vampire, a new linage in terror.
Sucking a little of the images of the world. All the beauties of others,
We feed on futility, for what? Because? I do not know. Ask the others.

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