segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2017

In The Vain

How many drugs can run in your vein? How much do you need to numb life with truth, so vain?
Drugs seem to flow from life. Like magic, as if it were more than a need.
Everything tends to be so bad until it's over, indeed.

Narcotics no longer respond to difficulties. With a gulp, swallow: forgett and forgive, all the lies.
How many drugs need to flow in the vein? How much do you need to numb life?
The costs of death are expensive, the costs of living are more expensive, even without understanding the purpose of life.

As if it were pure magic or as if it were much more than need (more than the finger on the wound).
The remedies turn placebo in the bloodstream. The mind works the madness function 24 hours a day for each round.

Madness assumes the mind that seems to have no owner. Chaos reigns in reality.
What is the meaning of everything? In this immensity, reason is without reason? What is the use of this rationality?
Disorder is how it is called. Its name has already lost its meaning (just be a number) in the world of inequality.
Everything leads to being so bad. Drugs seem to flow eventuality.

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